Led Zeppelin at the porn club Chat Noir in Stockholm, receiving the gold records which are placed against the bed on which the clubs sex artists perform, 1973

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Chicago 29.08



Get rad shit and help out a broke trans person! Wow!

It is that time again! That time three quarters through my summer break in which I have run out of money and begin to try and rectify that fact! I’m in debt to my bank right now, and don’t get money until I got back to university in October, so I’m a bit at the end of my rope.

My name is James, and I sometimes make neat shirts. I’ve currently got two trans-themed shirts running on Teespring. Teespring is a site which lets you run a campaign of a limited time. Essentially, if I can sell twenty shirts (or hoodies) for each of these designs in five days, they’ll be made. If not, you don’t get charged.

Each shirt is $15 and each hoodie is $30.

Last time I managed to sell thirty two shirts if I recall correctly. I’d love to try and sell forty between the designs this time! That’d both pay off what I owe my bank and give me some money to help me get moved into my new place.

The campaign runs for five days, from today (29th August) to the the 3rd September.

FYI, I also have a redbubble account with several other designs.

I would very much appreciate it if people would be willing to signal boost/reblog, and pass it on if they think a friend might be interested.

Thanks for your time, guys.

Daytime reblog!

Sold five of the genderqueer ones, so on that front I’m a quarter of the way there!

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First time that we know for certain two presidents had sex. Bill Clinton was very charming.

Lady Gaga singles | 2008 - 2014

Got to hang w/ this lil dude before work today 😍😍😍 #nephew #lovehim ♡

  • <b> Rolling Stone:</b> Your most famous solo is arguably the one at the end of "Stairway to Heaven." How much of it did you compose before you recorded it?<p><b>Jimmy Page:</b> It wasn't structured at all [laughs]. I had a start. I knew where and how I was going to begin. And I just did it. There was an amplifier [in the studio] that I was trying out. It sounded good, so I thought, "OK, take a deep breath, and play." I did three takes and chose one of them. They were all different. The solo sounds constructed – and it is, sort of, but purely of the moment. For me, a solo is something where you just fly, but within the context of the song.<p>



How to open a beer with a banana

well its open

that better have been a non-alcoholic beer

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