Brad & Dad #fags


GERMANY, Munich : A waitress serves beer mugs during the opening of the traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest festival at the Theresienwiese in Munich, southern Germany, on September 20, 2014. Germany’s world-famous Oktoberfest kicks off with millions of revellers set to soak up the frothy atmosphere in a 16-day extravaganza of lederhosen, oompah music and, of course, beer. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOF STACHE


my grandma is angry at my grandpa because when they went to the doctors the lady asked what he was allergic to and he said his wife

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countdown: 4 days until dean returns



I can’t explain the dildo BUT that face and hair movement is Godly.

you dont really see the bottom of the dildo so who’s to say thats not his actual penis

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my pops told me to go back to school & get a high school diploma i told him that I don’t need a diploma to rock

i ended up getting my diploma at 22 & i don’t really rock anymore fuck



"What Disney Characters ALMOST Looked Like”

Concept art is my favorite

im not really a big disney fan but this is neat

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I’m so broke I just looked at my bank account& now I’m nauseous ugh oh yeah & for yall who didn’t know I only get paid once a month it’s great





deserves at least a sarcastic laugh. 

this has been on my dash all day and I just got it now

Someone please explain this.


Guys it’s sugar

Sugar cubes

Oh mt gOD

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